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The Will of the Voters™

I’m taking issue with Shaun King’s recent column in the New York Daily News. This argument he’s made about Democratic superdelegates ripping off voters appears to lack understanding of facts, but I say he’s being willfully obtuse.

King’s argument seems to be: superdelegates should be made to support the candidate that voters in their states have chosen, and that they haven’t done so in states where Mr. Sanders was the clear winner is preposterous. That would be fine, but for the fact that superdelegates are “not pledged to one candidate by virtue of a caucus or primary.” Continue reading

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The “Bernie So Black” Jokes Were About You, Not Him


In the aftermath of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ disastrous performance at Netroots Nation in Phoenix recently, many of the senator’s supporters claim Sanders is being mocked by people–Black people–critical of his narrow focus on economic populism, disregarding the concerns of activists advocating for Black Lives Matter.

Except they leave out an important point: this wasn’t about mocking Bernie Sanders, per se, but his supporters who wouldn’t stop preaching about him. Continue reading

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You Cannot Lie Your Way into Blackness

(edited and co-written by @bron_two)

Rachel Dolezal is not now, nor has ever been, a Black woman. She is a con artist. The concept of “transracialism” is an onset of White privilege, as it only applies to white people who want to ascribe to themselves the positive traits of other racial identities, without having to live the adversities of them. Any discussion about this that does not logically conclude these two facts is functionally dishonest and, therefore, invalid.

That seems harsh, I know. But it’s the truth. Which is more than what we’ve gotten from Ms. Dolezal, as well as one too many academics, in the week that this story has broken.

I won’t go into a lengthened rehashing of the story; there are plenty of articles that have. However, there are academic discussions about this story that we should not entertain at all, considering that we’re having them in the context of a series of bald-faced lies. The facts are that Dolezal has been lying about her racial identity since God knows when. Continue reading


Good Intentions, Bad Idea: Starbucks’ Race Together

“Conversation has to include not only what you think, but what you routinely do. Nowthat would be an interesting conversation about race–a difficult one that doesn’t allow for self-congratulations, but that might be more useful in the long run.— Eric Sherman, Inc.com, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Trips Over Race

Let’s just go right past preamble, and get straight to the point: Starbucks Coffee’s #RaceTogether initiative is a well-meaning, well-intentioned, and ham-fisted joke. Continue reading